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Sanitizer Max

 Large Capacity Touch-less Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.
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Features & Benefits

Durable Design

  • Made in the USA with high-quality aluminum frame and shell.

  • Rugged construction made for commercial and high traffic use.

  • Indoor and Outdoor models available.

Decreases the Spread of Germs that can Cause Illness

  • Increased volume allows for up to 30x more use per fill.

  • Touch-less hand sanitizing station reduces the chance of  transmission through contact.

  • Helps to reduce transmission in high traffic areas.

Mininize Labor Costs

  • 5 Gal capacity allows for less refilling.

  • Easy access door for refills.

  • Quick and simple connection for easy refill.

Other Great Features

  • Customizable with vinyl wrapping*.

  • Rugged but lightweight  design.

  • Easy transportation to other locations.

  • Low power light when  using battery.

  • Low level indication light.


What is it?

Sanitizer Max  is a Large Capacity Touch-less Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.  Made in the USA, the dispenser is easy to use and easy to maintain. 


With a 5 gallon capacity it reduces the amount of time spent refilling product into dispensers by up to 30x’s.  Sanitizer Max was developed because there was a gap in the market for high capacity hand sanitizer dispensers.  

Today's Changing Demands

Pre-COVID-19 pandemic approximately 20% of patrons would use Hand Sanitizer if it was offered in a communal area.  Post COVID-19 pandemic it is estimated that 80% or more of patrons would use Hand Sanitizer if it was offered in a communal area.  In high traffic areas that means the amount Hand Sanitizer used is 4x’s what it was.  Most facilities do not have the time or resources to continually refill lower volume Hand Sanitizer dispensers.


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